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Distilled water doesn’t have minerals, but will this cause long-term health issues? Different experts have different opinion regarding this matter. What we know is that our bodies cannot stay healthy without minerals which are vital to our health.

So what did anti-distilled drinking water groups say? They’re saying a lot of stuff to malign pure water and to make people no longer buy bottled pure water.

How does normal water get its minerals? Water is a natural solvent and in its natural reservoirs, it’s composed of many impurities coming from both organic and inorganic matter. Rock sediments and decaying matter can add so much contaminant that renders water inappropriate for major human applications. Water should be treated before it can be usable in any way. Water treatment involves removal of a significant amount of impurity. One of the most reliable methods of treatment is distillation, which removes virtually all forms of contaminants, leaving water that is extremely pure.

Some bottled water products are actually distilled. So, now you know the difference between distilled and spring water. Now, manufacturers of distilled pure water should answer controversies regarding their priced pure water.

There are articles online that discuss about the dangers of drinking water that is so pure. According to these write-ups, which were written by people like Chet Day and Dr. Zoltan Rona, the purity of distilled water is its major drawback. They lament at how popular distilled drinking water is, as it is found at grocery shops, bottled specifically for human consumption.

First, they say that distilled drinking water doesn’t contain minerals and that’s true. But what’s absurd is how they describe the absence of minerals as a disadvantage because water without minerals would aggressively take the minerals from the body and flush it out of the system. Allegedly, this would cause serious mineral deficiencies in the long run. Some people even bring up research findings that distilled or deionized water can cause mineral leaching. However, there is no real evidence to link cases mineral deficiency to consumption of pure water.

In relation to this, there are also claims that pure water cause serious calcium and phosphorus leaching along with loss of other vital minerals and this would cause osteoporosis. The most absurd thing being said about distilled pure water is it can eventually cause early death.

These claims are easily dealt with by other experts, including some nutritionists, saying that there is no truth behind all these claims. How can pure water possibly damage the system when it actually is an essential substance to life? Also, the idea that without minerals it has leaching properties is plain ridiculous because it underestimates the biochemical structure of the human body or any living body for that matter.

What happens when you drink distilled or pure thc gummy bears water is that it will dissolve minerals in your mouth and esophagus. Then and there, it gets re-ionized, and what reaches your stomach is already impure water which is contaminated with your saliva and ions encountered in the short journey from the mouth to the stomach. It cannot get any more difficult to explain than that. The body is a complex structure and minerals aren’t easily expelled by distilled water. Only excess minerals and waste products are flushed out of the system regardless of whether you drink it pure or plain.

Also, distillation removes harmful substances like microorganisms and toxic chemicals. On the other hand, mineral water comes with sanitation issues and plain water is worse. This is why many consumers opt for distilled drinking water which has undergone rigid treatment process. Generally, water that has undergone distillation is safer than any other type of commercial water. Hence, all the bad press is simply exaggerated to some ridiculous extent.

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